About NodeRun

We help people build and deploy applications!

NodeRun is the free, easy, and social way to develop full-stack, enterprise‐ready Node.js applications. We provide the visual IDE, a database, and a server - you just need to bring your imagination!

We built NodeRun with business application development in mind. You can build and deploy your Node.js applications much easier and faster than ever before, making NodeRun an ideal solution for new and experienced Node developers alike. Your NodeRun business applications are designed to be compatible with any relational database out of the box, including MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, IBM Db2, and Db2 for i.

Everything you need for Node.js development, in one place:

  • Full-stack runtime environment for both client-side JavaScript and server-side Node.js code
  • Unlimited public and private workspaces
  • Full-featured cloud-based IDE
  • Built-in database for every workspace
  • Layouts and Codeless Responsive Design
  • Built-in Support for Single Page Apps
  • 100+ Prebuilt UI Widgets
  • Simple-to-implement Charting and Data Visualization Components
  • Preconfigured Express.js server already running for all workspaces
  • Single API for accessing all popular databases including MySQL, SQL Server, IBM i DB2, Oracle, and more
  • Built‐in Callback Hell Prevention
  • Simple transition to implement any workspace in production (in the cloud or on premise)
  • Browser‐based Visual Design Tool for Web & Mobile Apps
  • Built‐in Code Editor based on VSCode
  • Both command line and visual interfaces to Git
  • Database Explorer
  • Quick SQL interface to your data
  • Web‐based Node.js Debugger
  • NPM Package Installer for any workspace
  • Full terminal access
  • End‐user Session Monitoring Interface
  • Project Templates
  • Widget Sets
  • Share runnable apps, code, and widgets with others using a simple URL
  • Collaborate on team projects by adding contributors to your space
  • Fork other spaces so you’re not starting with a blank slate
  • Like and comment on people’s work
  • Make your apps multi‐user with built‐in authentication features
  • Embed spaces in blogs or other web sites to showcase your app and/or code
  • Use automatic or custom thumbnails to showcase your app
  • Share workspaces to social media with one‐click
  • Build up your NodeRun profile with spaces, achievements, and levels
  • Control public permissions to decide who gets access to your application and code
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